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FAA Tower Closing

NOTE: The FAA will begin a four-week phased closure of the 149 federal contract towers beginning on April 7.


FAA Safety Team | Safer Skies Through Education

Air Traffic Control Facility Closures
Notice Number: NOTC4665

On February 22, 2013, Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood and Federal Aviation Administrator (FAA) Michael Huerta jointly announced the possible impacts of a budget sequestration on FAA operations. This announcement included notification of potential closure of over 100 air traffic control towers, with those impending closures beginning April 7, 2013. The FAA has subsequently released a list of 149 control towers that will be closed and the agency has made the decision to keep 24 federal contract towers open, read: Press Release – FAA Makes Tower Closing Decision.

As the probability of these tower closures and reduced operating hours nears, it is important to increase our awareness of proper operating practices and procedures at airports without an operating control tower. Although we often hear these airports called “uncontrolled”, you can help ensure continued safe and controlled operations through adherence to published practices and procedures. Of course, “non-towered airport” is the proper term to use for an airport without an operating control tower.

There are many resources that provide advisory information for operations at airports without an operating control tower. These include the FAA Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM), Advisory Circular (AC) 90-66A , CFR 91.113 (Basic Right of Way Rules), CFR 91.126 and CFR 91.127 (Traffic Flow Rules at Non-Towered Airports).

Please also note that some aeronautical experience for pilot certification requires takeoffs and landings at a towered airport. This may increase activity at the remaining towered airports, and will necessitate diligent planning on the part of training providers, instructors and students.

So, what can I do?

Always check NOTAMs prior to flight.
Communicate, Communicate, Communicate. Remember, communication includes listening, not just transmitting.
Stay alert and continually scan for traffic. This may include turbojet, turboprop or helicopter operators that are not accustom to “standard traffic patterns” at your airport.
Be aware that you may now be sharing the traffic pattern with non-radio equipped aircraft or ultralights.
Spend some time with your CFI improving your knowledge and skills.
Improve your knowledge by completing one or more of the many on-line courses available through the FAASafety.gov website.

URL for the links listed in the notice:
Press Release:


AC 90-66A:
CFR 91.113:

CFR 91.126:

CFR 91.127:


Remember, safety is every pilot’s responsibility. Have a safe and enjoyable flight!

This notice is being sent to you because you selected “General Information” in your preferences on FAASafety.gov. If you wish to adjust your selections, log into https://www.faasafety.gov/Users/pub/preferences.aspx where you can update your preferences.
Invite a fellow pilot to the next WINGS Safety Seminar in your area.

Reminder ~ New A&P Certificates Required

 New A&P Certificates Required




Following a new regulation that went into effect several years ago, certified A&P mechanics must upgrade to a new “credit card” –style plastic by MArch 31, 2013 or lose their A&P privileges.

ALL Certificated Airmen (including mechanics, ATC’s, dispatchers, etc) certified under 14CFR65 are required to change from the “paper” certification to “credit card” style by March 31, 2013.

This rule will not apply to temporary paper certificates issued under §65.13 , but all others must apply for a replacement at the FAA’s registry website.

How to Get the New Certificate

The best way to get new replacement certification is to follow the instructions at www.faa.gov/licenses_certificates

The replacement costs $2.00, unless you still have your SSN as your certification number.

IA (Inspection Authorization) Refresher / Renewal Scheduled

FAA / FSDO-25 and PAMA Teterboro Chapter

Has scheduled it’s annual

IA Refresher / Renewal for calendar year 2010/2011

Click here to view the flyer – IA Renewal at C&W Flyer

FAA seeks to Restrict A&P Recognition – Deadline Extended

The FAA has issued a policy which is intended to clarify the definition of ”Actively Engaged” for purposes of issuing and renewing the A & P Inspector Authorization.

This FAA action proposes to clarify the term ”actively engaged” for the purposes of application for and renewal of an inspection authorization, as contained in Flight Standards Management System Order 8900.1.

For more information Click Here for the AEA’s Website or Here to see the docket.

Legislative Alert - FAA to Adjust Definition of ''Actively Engaged'' for Inspection Authorization
Join the ongoing discussion in the PAMA Legislative Issues Forum to discuss what you think of the proposed regulations and what suggestions PAMA should make to lawmakers before the new rules take effect.
Click here to view the PAMA.org Forum Discussion.


Mandatory Re-Registration & Renewal of Aircraft

Effective October 1st, 2010

All Aircraft will have to be Re-Registered.

FAA Website

* New Registrations will have an expiration date.

* Registrations will be for a 3 year period.

* Re-registration can be done online.

* Re-registrations will be staggered over a period of time, see the FAA’s website for details.

NOTE: The cancellation of N #’s assigned to an aircraft will take place approximately 90 days after expiration!! (If the registration has expired and canceled, you can reapply using a new application form!!) Canceled N#’s will not be available for assignment or reservation for a 5 year period.

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