Daniel Bennett

To all,
It is with heavy hearts that we are writing to inform you all of the
passing of our long time friend Daniel Bennett. He began working at
Weschester County Airport in 1968 for Jerry Mason at Aircraft
Electronics. In the mid-1980’s Aircraft Electronics was sold to what
would become Empire Avionics Corp. He had been in the same job since the
beginning. An unheard of accomplishment in this day and age. Over many
decades his experience and dedication has touched an unbelievable number
of people. As we went through the list of contacts we were amazed by the
sheer number of people who interacted with him on a regular basis.
Having been affectionately known by some as “Danny Bennett, Dan Dan the
radio man, Mr. B, DB, Mr Bennett” he was a fixture on the field for over
four decades. His knowledge, experience, and calm demeanor will be
sorely missed.


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